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If your stocks take a dip, we've got your back—we'll reimburse the difference.
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Protect yourself from losses and volatility in the stock market

Secure your share price over a set time period
Trust us to ensure stability and growth with our cutting-edge solution that helps to navigate market fluctuations. See the latest pricing here.
Select your tailor-made insurance, your way
Select from a range of protection levels and coverage durations with no minimum requirements.
File claims and be reimbursed promptly
Submit a claim through our website if you sell your stocks at a loss, and we'll promptly reimburse you directly.

Security always comes first

Protect your investments
Our insurance coverage is exclusively available for publicly traded stocks within the U.S. This focused approach allows us to confidently stand behind your claims and provide reliable support for any potential losses.
A-Rated reinsurance and guaranteed claims
Your insurance policies are reinsured by our A-rated fronting carrier and our reinsurance entity.  We only offer policies on stocks we can guarantee paying your claims on.  And we never sell your information off to third parties.
Philly-born, powered by tech veterans
Founded in Philadelphia, Belay is proud to be from the City of Brotherly Love. Our team is comprised of tech veterans across finance, insurance, and AdTech to provide you with the most robust experience.
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Simple and easy to purchase and claim insurance

Log in and purchase policies directly on our website. Here’s how it works:

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Pick the shares you want to insure and choose your preferred coverage plan.

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Securely link your bank account to pay for your premiums, ensuring a streamlined process.

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Submit a claim through our website and get reimbursed directly into your bank account.

But don't just take our word for it

Find out what other people are saying about Belay.

Photo of Elana Dickman
Elana Dickman
@ItsElanaGold, Fund Manager
"Belay lets you invest with true peace of mind by insuring your portfolio against losses. No more panicking when volatility strikes - truly remarkable and a game changer for retail investors!"
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Gav Blaxberg
CEO at WOLF Financial
"Belay has made it incredibly easy to protect my gains. The premiums are reasonably priced, and filing my loss claims is super easy. I don’t ever have to worry about being reimbursed on time."
Photo of Lester Pereira
Lester Pereira
CEO at TraderPal
"We are on a mission to empower traders with the tools they need to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the financial markets. Belay helps protect traders from significant losses in the market and helps them safely grow their portfolios while giving them a competitive advantage while investing."
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Here are answers to the most asked questions from our customers. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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What is insurance for stocks?

Insurance for stocks works quite simply. Insurance works to help investors recoup losses on trades. When investors sell their stocks below a protected price, they’re reimbursed. For example, if I have 20 shares of a stock insured at $10/share, and I sell them at $7/share, I’m reimbursed $3/share for my losses for a total of $60 ($20 x $3/share = $60).

Why should I purchase insurance on my stocks?

Investing in the stock market can be complicated, intimidating, and unpredictable.  Investors are always looking to grow their long term portfolios, and purchasing insurance helps protect them against large losses and helps promote long term investment growth.

How much does the insurance cost?

The Insurance premiums vary based on the amount of stock you’re covering, the duration of your coverage, and the stock itself.  Some stocks may have higher premiums than others due to market factors.  For example, the automobile insurance premium for a family sedan will be very different from that of a sports car. See the latest pricing here.

Who backs the insurance policy?

All insurance policies are issued by Belay Insurance Services, LLC.  Belay Insurance Services is partnered with Concord Specialty Insurance Company to operate within the insurance laws of each individual state.

Where is Belay insurance available?

Belay is available only in the United States. Belay is looking to expand its offerings to cover additional assets and locations soon. Sign up for our waitlist to unlock early access!