Offer traders protection plans for their investments

An API solution that lets investors purchase downside protection for their stocks. It’s flight insurance but for your stocks.

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Differentiate your platform while driving value for your users

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Build confidence for risk-averse investors
Offer a way for investors to invest in the market more consistently while protecting losses.
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Offer a variety of policies for all budgets
Choose the symbols, coverage amounts, and durations you want to offer your users.
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Allow users to reinvest their claims
If a user sells protected shares at a loss before policy expiration, their claim is automatically filed.
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No-code, secure API & proxy solutions

Belay monitors and accesses user holdings via a secure proxy. Then, your users are able to purchase policies directly from Belay.

Simple and easy-to-use for all users

Users are able to log in and purchase policies on existing holdings without creating a new account. Here’s how it works:

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Users add an insurance policy to any share of stock in their portfolio, regardless of the holding size.

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Users select an insurance policy that best suits their budget and needs for their holdings.

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If users sell their shares at a loss before the policy expires, a claim is automatically filed, and they’re reimbursed directly.

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Be a pioneer at the intersection of 
finance and insurance.
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